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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Smile! Pics from May openings Stardust to Stardust + NovaSupernova

I thought I would share some (blurry iPhone) images from last month's opening receptions for STARDUST TO STARDUST @ Laura Rathe Fine Art in Houston and NOVA SUPERNOVA @ Kathryn Markel in New York City.  I am a little tardy, but you know artists...we tend to do things when the spirit moves us. 

Stay tuned for images of new work coming soon.  I have been on a much needed vacation for the past month, recharging my batteries and resting up after the madhouse that was Spring 2014, but I am back in Austin and in the studio now.  I am VERY eager to begin a new body of work inspired by an incredible trip to Athens and Mykonos.  In fact, I cannot wait to pop open this brand new tube of Lapis Lazuli, which was my little artistic splurge last week.  These new paintings will comprise my October solo exhibition @ Laura Rathe Fine Art in Dallas, which will arrive at the gallery (and online) in early October, so keep an eye out for that, DFW!

In the meantime, I will post some images in the coming weeks of new work destined for Ann Connelly Fine Art in Baton Rouge, Jean-Marc Fray in Austin, Bryant Street Gallery in Palo Alto, and Kathryn Markel in NYC.

Now, here are those pics I was telling you about.  Ciao for now, x!


Well, actually let's start from the beginning--the cab ride from JFK.  Jackson and I thought we should start our trip with a little Yellow Cab selfie.  I mean, really, could he be any cuter? 

I thought this cemetery in Queens was pretty impressive. If cemeteries can be impressive.  And I think they can.

I felt so fortunate and thankful to have such a great group of friends and family travel up from Texas.  Peggy Spicer and I cheesing it up in front of Om Solara.

My awesome parents, Ann and Van Pardue.

Texans in the house.

Having fun with Kathy Markel!  (I love having four eyes btw.)

And it wouldn't have been the same without this handsome guy.  Mike Hewett and I in front of Pranayama Stardust

Dad and Kathy chatting it up.

Lovely friends Buddy Spicer, Ken Johnson, Judy Johnson, Peggy Spicer, and Winston Kitchingham.  

 Thanks, Kathy, for letting Julian and Jackson "work" at the gallery!

LOVE my family!!

Thanks to my buddy, New York based artist Ryan Coburn, for making it out to the opening.

This was my first visit to ground zero after September 11.  It was a sobering experience, and I am glad the kids got the chance to see the monuments and learn about it.



Laura decided to kick off the exhibition before Saturday's opening reception on Wednesday with a collector cocktail hour on the gorgeous rooftop balcony (which I forgot to photograph, darn it) followed by a fabulous over the top dinner in the beautiful LRFA gallery exhibition space.  And wow, it was fun!  Afterwards it turned into a little dance party!

First there was dining...

And then there was dancing...

maybe some MJ shenanigans... these two (super fun) trouble makers...helloooo!

 I mean, eeeeverybody was dancing, y'all...

Hanging with LRFA gallery manager, sweet and lovely Hannah Reuters

...and what better way to close than with a little goodnight smooch!  My favorite couple in the world, artist Gil Bruvel and gallerist extraordinaire Laura Rathe.

The actual opening was the following Saturday, and I was so thankful for a strong attendance.  Thank you, Houston, for always showing me the love!

Floratheria and Gino Miles' sculpture, Aja

 Great shot of the gallery space and installation of the work.

 Maura Pauro, Bradley Pauro, Laura Rathe, Meredith Pardue, and Mike Hewett

Thanks for checking in with me!  I look forward to sharing new summer work with you soon.  In the meantime, Happy Summer!!