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Monday, March 4, 2013

The Way I See It

New work @ Kathryn Markel Fine Art [New York City]

Inspired by the transparencies of water, the translucency of petals, and the opacities of foliage, in these pieces I continue to explore the range of visual possibilities and the various combinations of opposing visual elements--the transition of color as it morphs from warm to cool, from saturated to dull, from light to shadow.  There is an ethereal, yet very physical essence to these moments of transition.  I find it impossible to capture all of these in a single piece and find gratification in creating series of "snapshots" of these passing moments where I am able to throw myself completely into a world of potentially infinite combinations possessing varying degrees of these polar elements.

There is at least a single thread of continuity--sometimes more than that-- that is woven through not only the pieces in a single series such as this one, but through various series that I have created over the years of my life.  I consider this a microcosm-macrocosm type of relationship, but of course on a much smaller and more limited scale.

What does remain consistent for me throughout all of the work, however--the individual pieces as well as the series--is the element of singularity that is somehow compelled into existence for some reason or another.  For me this is the very essence of the work, the intangible essence of its being, and the place where the magic happens.  The act of noticing something with my senses, of applying a certain meaning to it with my mind, and then to transforming into something else with my hands--the entire process, one might conclude--is yet grossly incomplete without the intangible essence of its being.  It is sacred and unattainable, but we continue to try to know it, to reach it, to touch it, to feel it, to experience it, to comprehend it--and in the case of the artist, to convey it through some kind of sensory means.  And maybe it is not different than the highest thing we know--love itself.

Kapalua Hibiscus V:  36" x 36" ink, oil, and charcoal on canvas, 2013

Kapalua Hibiscus VI:  36" x 36" ink, oil, and charcoal on canvas, 2013

Kapalua Hibiscus IV:  36" x 36" ink, oil, and charcoal on canvas, 2013

Kapalua Hibiscus VII:  36" x 36" ink, oil, and charcoal on canvas, 2013

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