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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

SEE Exhibition & LRFA [Dallas] Grand Opening

Laura Rathe Fine Art in Dallas celebrated its grand opening Saturday with the opening of SEE, a group exhibtion of gallery artists.  With over 1200 visitors in just three hours, it was packed!  It was AMAZING!!!

Congratulations to Laura and the staff at LRFA on a beautiful accomplishment!  The gallery is already a success, I am honored to be a small part of it.

The newly constructed gallery space is simply stunning, with 5,000 square feet of exhibition space on two floors illuminated with natural light coming in through the floor to ceiling windows on both floors. The show featured the paintings, sculpture, glass art, video, and photography of gallery artists, and the installation of the work was spot on.  I also viewed the show during the day so that I could really take in the work and the space, and I honestly felt like I was vibrating afterwards.  If you didn't make it to the opening, don't worry--the show will be up through the end of the month!

Here are some images from opening night and a few installations shots.  The quality of many of these photos is TERRIBLE.  Sorry!  I collected these from various iPhones, and well, it's all I've got.  

Gil Bruvel sculpture

 Installation view
Artists L to R:  Roi James, Marissa Starr, Bruce Tinch, Gary Beal, & Meredith Pardue

 Gallery entrance

Laura Rathe & Gil Bruvel

Meredith Pardue & Van Pardue
Pura Vida [left] & Sea Change diptych [right]

Gallery director Janice Meyers with Laura Rathe & Courtney

Ann Pardue & Meredith Pardue

Elise Martinez, Vince Pardue, & Meredith Pardue
 [Gil Bruvel sculpture back left]

Jimmy Stevenson, Vince Pardue, & Elise Martinez
Roi James painting

Lindsey Johnson Harper, Meredith Pardue, & Jason Johnson

I am hilarious.

Elise Martinez, Vince Pardue, Meredith Pardue, Van Pardue, & Ann Pardue

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pura Vida

Good morning!  Afternoon, whatever.  I thought I would share some of the beautiful scenery I saw while I was in Costa Rica last week.  I have always found immense happiness and inspiration in warm, oceanside places with a certain dramatic flair for nature, but this time I was just wowed by the natural beauty which surrounded me.  I was truly moved.  I even said out loud to myself (I talk to myself sometimes.  Often.), "Why even paint?  I am living and breathing in a painting right now."

There is nothing I could create that could ever come close to the beauty of the majestic, yet serene landscape of this country.  The diversity within such a small space blew my mind--the diversity of the terrain itself, the animals, the plants, the flowers, the water, the volcanoes, the ocean, the lakes, the rainforest, the fresh and delicious food, the STARS (I have never seen so many stars!!  I was blown away, literally moved to tears.  *I can be super dramatic, but still.  It was just awesome.), continuing on...the farms, the hot springs, the ranches, the lava rocks, the waterfalls, the beaches, the fruits, the skies--crisp, bright cobalt blue skies like those of any tropical coast to the thick, humid, cloudy gray skies of the volcanic valley, which reminded me so much of the Multnomah Falls area in Oregon.  Not to mention the people there, who are possibly the most lovely people on planet Earth-- a friendly, gracious population with a genuinely happy culture.  They lovingly care for the small, beautiful part of the earth their country occupies.  There is more recycling happening in the tiny tourist surfer town of Tamarindo than in the entire state of Louisiana.  Just saying, Louisiana...muah!

Anyway, here are some images.  I shot these on my iPhone because I forgot to remove the camera battery from the charger at 4 a.m. when I left for the airport in Austin.  But it's ok.  I used the Hipstamatic app to shoot most of these, which I have always loved because it lends such a painterly quality to the images, which is kind of how I remember them anyway.

The rocky part of the beach on the Northwest Pacific coast...

The gardens where we stayed in Tamarindo....

These lizards were everywhere!  This cutie was at least four feet from tip to tip.  Just chillin' in the tree by the pool.

My friend Jill and me before I was traumatized by the drive of the century...

Um, this is a view from the drive of the century.  Also known as where I almost lost my life in a four cylinder car climbing up a steep dirt road with more potholes and surprise (!) turns than any road I have ever travelled.  When I finally thought we were safe, we were almost eaten by a dog.  At least I was.  At least that's what it felt like.  It was not a zen moment.

I am so happy that I am still alive, I decide to celebrate with a margarita.  Ok, it was more than one. 

Another beautiful (read: terrifying) road.

Car pics from the bazillion hour long drive from San Jose to Tamarindo...

The lush gardens and hot springs pools of Tacoba...stunning beauty...

The waterfall and pool at Arenal volcano...

Thanks for checking in!  I look forward to creating new paintings inspired by this beautiful experience and to sharing them with you soon!  Pura vida, xo