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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Open Studio!!

It is SUMMER...yay!!!

Here in Austin we kicked off the summer with a party!  Well, two parties actually.  Everything is bigger in Texas, right?  Right.  My friend and art dealer, Jean-Marc Fray, was kind enough to host an Open Studio event to celebrate the completion of my new studio that after six months of work is now complete.

I designed this space on a yellow sheet of lined paper that I bought at the airport store while on a flight to Denver to visit my friend, Jennifer.  Contractors Andrew and Charles Holbrook of Silver Edge Construction, hired architect April Clark of Clark Richardson Architects to make it legit.  It really is a dream come true for me, and having all of my family and most of my closest friends around to celebrate with me made it an evening I will always treasure.

Here are some photos from the open studio...

Jean-Marc Fray and I

My awesome sister, Molly Pardue Cloran and I with our amazing mom, Ann Pardue.

Chris & Molly Cloran.  Nice shirt, Chris ;)

Carl Bischoff and his buddy Chris (aka my bro-in-law).

Surprise! Michael Mueller came in from Florida for the celebration...thank you, Michael!

Jean-Marc & Michael representing the EU in the ATX.

Daniel (life-saving computer genius) and Marie Dadap (studio assistant extraordinaire!)

My friend Jill and I

La-Texan Emily Bischoff and I

Scott Rhodes and I laughing as usual!  Scott builds some damn fine canvases.  And panels.  And pretty much anything else you can dream up.

After the open studio, we moved it down the street to my house for a real party, where we continued our shenanigans, toasting everything we could think of, dancing barefoot, and singing a bunch of songs we don't really know all the words to.  Southerners are fun people, y'all...especially those fortunate enough to be La-Texans.  Nothing makes me happier than having beau coups (that's Louisianan, not French btw) of friends and family in my home at once, and I hope they all come back soon!

The talented Fray brothers, Jean-Marc and Jean-Noel.  

My beautiful friend, Joy Nassiri, with her super fun dad, Fred Nassiri!

Simon Hjorth is more than delighted to have that bottle of rosé in his hand.  His lovely wife, Camilla, is on the left.

The fabulous Cynthia Fray talking with Jean-Noel.

Somehow this is the only picture I got of my dear friend, Birgit (far left).  She basically did the entire house party for me.  Since thank you doesn't quite cut it, I got her an extra nice birthday present.  Today is her birthday...Happy Birthday, Birgit!

I also somehow did not get a photo of my life-long friend Jennifer from that night, but since she came in town from Denver for a long weekend, I decided to post this one.  A  girlfriend of twenty-five years becomes a sister, and I could not be more grateful it.  Thank you, are so precious to me!

My dad, Van Pardue.  Best.  Dad.  EVER.  I love you, Dad...thank you for coming in town!!

Stay tuned for updates on the following upcoming 2012 exhibtions:

NATIVE @ Ann Connelly Fine Art [Baton Rouge]
*Solo Exhibtion

TBA @ Kathryn Markel Fine Arts [Bridgehamptom]
*Two-Person Exhibtion

TBA @ Chicago Art Source [Chicago]
*Two-Person Exhibtion

TBA @ Jean-Marc Fray [Austin]
*Solo Exhibtion

Happy Summer!!!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ornaments of Grace VI - VIII @ LRFA [Houston]

Ornaments of Grace VI :  36" x 36",  ink, oil, oil crayon, & charcoal on canvas, 2012

Ornaments of Grace VII :  36" x 36",  ink, oil, oil crayon, & charcoal on canvas, 2012

Ornaments of Grace VIII :  36" x 36",  ink, oil, oil crayon, & charcoal on canvas, 2012