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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New @ Laura Rathe Fine Art ! ! !

Ornaments of Grace:  48" x 48" ink, oil, oil crayon, & charcoal on canvas, 2011

The Ripening I:  30" x 22" mixed media on paper, 2011

The Ripening II:  30" x 22" mixed media on paper, 2011

The Ripening III:  30" x 22" mixed media on paper, 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011

California, CaliFORnia...(that was Joni singing)

Helloooo.  I am still smiling, rested, and refreshed after an amazing week in beautiful California.  The opening reception @ K. Imperial Fine Art was a such a nice evening.  I always enjoy meeting and talking with people at these events because the conversation is always stimulating and thought provoking.  I was thrilled to finally meet fellow artist Elise Morris there, whose work I have admired for many years.  Aside from being a very talented artist and stellar painter, she is a truly a lovely person.

Here are some pics from the opening...

As much as I love San Francisco, most of our time was spent in the wine country, which felt like heaven!  At one point while driving on some high, winding back roads, approaching the top of the most luscious green mountain I have seen since the Portland days, I really considered not coming home.  And if I didn't have a 1st grader, a mortgage, and a cocker spaniel then I would probably still be there.  I love that part of the country and could not help but daydream of a quiet, secluded studio behind a charming cottage in the mountains of the wine country with a few cute little long-haired goats roaming around.  (These goats would not eat the large eggplants from the thriving vegetable garden, which is the envy of the entire mountain village.)  Nor would they eat the outdoor furniture, which is where friends and neighbors would relax while we drink cabernet from the vineyards below...

Anyway.  I am glad to come home to my two sweet boys, to our overfed dog Priscilla, and to our happy casa here in Austin.  It's not Sonoma Valley, but it is the beautiful Texas hill country.  And that is more than good enough for now, y'all.

These images below are very large, so please click on the photos below to view the full size images.  You will not get the enchanted forest feeling if you don't enlarge them, and everyone needs to feel the enchanted forest feeling from time to time, right?)