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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Deer Regina

Introducing....Regina Grand.

Mixed media artist (and deer friend) Marcus Kenney created this superb sculpture for me.  (S)he is the newest addition to my art collection, and I am sooooo excited to have her!

When you walk in the front door of my house (and you should), the first thing you will see is Regina greeting you from halfway up the stairwell landing.  (S)he is not a big talker, but honestly, who needs words with a presence like this?  

One of my favorite features is the delicate, feminine leaf imagery on her snout. (Do deer have snouts or is that just dogs?  Well, let's just agree to call it a snout, ok?  Ok.)  I love how the presence of male and female energy in Regina is not combined or diluted--in other words, it does not have an androgynous feel to it.  Instead the male and female energy seem to coexist in this piece.  I also love the tribal elements that speak to me of ritual, intention, and a dash of mythology.  

But most importantly I just like her.  (S)he is strong, quiet, peaceful, and beautiful.  (S)he is awesome.

Thank you, Marcus, for making this beautiful girl.  Boy.  Beast.  (S)he is lovely.

P.S.  The actual title is Libertingua.  I named her Regina Grand because I feel like she is kind of alive. Well, (s)he was at one point.  Anyway, I thought (s)he deserved a proper name.  

Marcus Kenney:  Libertingua:  48" x 30" x 30" mixed media, 2011

Marcus Kenney:  Libertingua:  48" x 30" x 30" mixed media, 2011

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