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Friday, June 17, 2011

Yo, Chicago!

Neptunias II, III, V, & VI arriving soon @ Chicago Art Source!!!

I reworked these paper pieces from a year or two ago.  It seems that I cannot let a piece of mine come back into my studio and leave again without me messing with it...tweaking the color, redefining forms, etc.  Kind of how I do my kids before they go out the door again, straightening their clothes, picking on their hair, wiping their faces with a licked finger (which I SWORE I would never, ever do to my kids because it always made me gag when my mother would do that to me, which was ALL the time...ew, sorry, kids :) 

Anyway, that is so not the point.  The point is...the pictures.

Neptunia II: 40" x 26", ink & oil on paper, 2011

Neptunia II: 40" x 26", ink & oil on paper, 2011

Neptunia V: 48" x 48", ink, oil, oil crayon, and charcoal on canvas, 2011


  1. Aunt Lou and Uncle SamJune 17, 2011 at 9:12 PM

    Mere, let us know when they will be in Chicago... just love the Neptunia II pieces.. definitely a reason to run down to Chicago..

  2. Thanks, that is so sweet...I sure will!! Miss y'all!

  3. I loved the all both ways, espeicially Neptunia II. At first I thought they were meant to be a pair, which would have worked for me. On a totally different note, last weekend, I saw my 22 year old son lick his thumb to clean my great-nephew's cheek. wonder where he got that!

  4. Hi Kathy...thank you! Yes, I think they could definitely be a pair. Although they don't look like a diptych, I did paint them together. They arrive at Chicago Art Source later this week.

    That's funny...guess the wet finger wipe is universal :)