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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Le Blog + Party Pics

I am cheating.  Because I am tired.  And I really need to get on the road to Dallas to visit my parents for Thanksgiving holidays. And I am late, and I still need to take a shower and walk the dogs. are some great shots from last week's opening of Revolutions @ Jean-Marc Fray...courtesy of Le Blog author and my dear friend Cynthia Fray, aka the smokin' hot blonde with the cutest pixie haircut in the history of ever.  

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!!!!!!

P.S.  Thank you, Blake Oliver, for staying sober enough to shoot all of these great pictures!

And here are a few from our post-show after party (debauchery) @ the East Side Showroom!

They were playing "When the Saints Go Marching In," dancing required if you're from Louisiana.

Jean-Noel Fray, me, and a damn good martini.


Blake Oliver

Jean-Marc Fray, Birgit Schroeder, and I

Mia Baxter (owner Metropolitan Gallery) and Birgit 

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