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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Le Blog + Party Pics

I am cheating.  Because I am tired.  And I really need to get on the road to Dallas to visit my parents for Thanksgiving holidays. And I am late, and I still need to take a shower and walk the dogs. are some great shots from last week's opening of Revolutions @ Jean-Marc Fray...courtesy of Le Blog author and my dear friend Cynthia Fray, aka the smokin' hot blonde with the cutest pixie haircut in the history of ever.  

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!!!!!!

P.S.  Thank you, Blake Oliver, for staying sober enough to shoot all of these great pictures!

And here are a few from our post-show after party (debauchery) @ the East Side Showroom!

They were playing "When the Saints Go Marching In," dancing required if you're from Louisiana.

Jean-Noel Fray, me, and a damn good martini.


Blake Oliver

Jean-Marc Fray, Birgit Schroeder, and I

Mia Baxter (owner Metropolitan Gallery) and Birgit 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Revolutions @ Jean-Marc Fray

Thanks to all who joined us last night for the opening reception of Revolutions @ Jean-Marc Fray in Austin, TX!  It was a special and spectacular evening with great friends, old and new.

. . . R E V O L U T I O N S . . .

In this aesthetically whimsical body of work titled Revolutions, I use the circle to address the universal issues of time, speed, and change.  As a symbol, a circle or sphere could not be more fully loaded, as it represents some of the most powerful and universal elements that exist.  Aesthetically, the foundation for this work is the rotation of heavenly bodies--specifically the sun, the moon, and the Earth.  In Revolutions I address how the rotations of these heavenly bodies relate to human lives, with specific regard to the passage of time and the changes that occur in between these cycles.

The obvious visual reference to lunar phases and planetary rotation lays a solid foundation for the fusion of one kind of revolution with another.  As titles such as Medals from One Long War or The Waxing and Waning of My Constitution suggest, an internal, personal, or political revolution also takes place within the constructs of these temporal revolutions of nature, while the titles Mandala I and II suggest the quest or presence of a spiritual revolution.

I chose to deliver this concept in the form of a colorful palette of mixed media pieces, offering the viewer a playful respite from the gravity of its content.  The clean simple beauty of the natural maple both literally and aesthetically supports the rich impasto of the paint and collage.  It is my hope that the viewer will find both meaning and beauty in the balance of these two contrasting elements, as well as infuse his or her own understanding to the work, and therefore adding the most important dimension to the artwork--life.

The Waxing and Waning of My Constitution:  48" x 38", mixed media on canvas mounted on maple

Big Time Revolution: 48" x 72", mixed media on canvas mounted on maple

My Favorite Satellite: 40" x 40", mixed media on canvas mounted on maple

Mandala I:  53" x 32", mixed media on canvas mounted on maple

Mandala II:  53" x 32", mixed media on canvas mounted on maple

Bang Bang Universe: 60" x 96", mixed media on canvas

Days:  24" x 48", mixed media on canvas

Phases of the Great Rotation: 48" x 48", mixed media on canvas

Medals from One Long War (Service): 8" x 6", mixed media on canvas

Medals from One Long War (Defense): 8" x 6", mixed media on canvas

Medals from One Long War (Occupation): 8" x 6",  mixed media on canvas

Medals from One Long War (Honor): 8" x 6", mixed media on canvas

Monday, November 1, 2010


I am very pleased to present the following paintings, the debut of my work in Asia. The paintings below will soon be en route to Ode to Art Gallery, an exquisite commercial space with two locations in Singapore and one in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  I am not only thrilled about having representation in Asia, but also about exhibiting with the incredible artists represented at this gallery, such as American Pop artist Robert Indiana.  I was actually viewing an installation of Indiana's paintings at the Musée d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain in Nice, France when I was contacted by Ode to Art, who also represents his work.  Sometimes the universe speaks very clearly.

Lotus Pond XX: 60" x 90" ink, oil, and charcoal on canvas

Migration #50: 44" x 40" ink, oil, and charcoal on canvas

Water in Motion (in shadow): 44" x 44" ink, oil, and charcoal on canvas

Part Twenty of a Rainstorm: 48" x 48" ink, oil, oil crayon, and charcoal on canvas