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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nice is Nice.

I finished this painting today.  The forms and palette were influenced by the black rocky beaches and brilliant blue water I experienced during my recent trip to Nice.  You can see the tiny puddles of water that appear to sit on top of the black ground when you enlarge the image.  They remind me somewhat of the way the water looked for a split second as it crashed upon the beach.
Water in Motion II: 36" x 36" ink, oil, oil crayon, and charcoal on canvas

Here is a photo of the black rocky beach.  The water of the Mediterranean was the most brilliant color of blue that I believe I have ever seen, especially the shallow parts.  Very different than the turquoise waters of the Carribean...a cooler shade of blue.  Breathtaking!

And while I'm at are a few more water shots.  I became obsessed with the Hipstamatic app for iPhone during this trip.  

 Fishing boats in the harbor. 

French Riviera, je t'aime!!!

Guy on a bike.  

I just love this image.  I woke up before dawn one morning and just started shooting from the balcony.  With my camera, that is :)  


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