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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Destiny's child, y'all.

Today I have a LOT of energy!!! And I am feeling so grateful. I have a lot of things to be thankful for no doubt, but right now I am thinking about my passion--painting--which has fortunately also turned into a fruitful and fulfilling career for me. I am thankful to have a passion in the first place because I don't know if everyone does.  But to be able to make a living at it is even better.  I believe it is my destiny, which I will get to in a minute.

But first I just want to say that I work with a pretty amazing group of people across the U.S.--art dealers, galleries, designers, and clients. And today was exceptional. I enjoyed a fun, laughter-filled (and very caffeinated) lunch with Laura Rathe today. (And we're going to Cabo...yay!) I also met with adorable and very talented Austin interior designer Lisa Parker and her sweet client Meredith (Meredith Ann...just like me!) today about a commissioned painting for her home.  I finished a triptych commission for a Houston client and am almost through with a couple of commissioned pieces for a Nashville residence, courtesy of my old and very dear friend Randy Boliba (who happens to make killer steel sculpture by the way...I will post a pic of the one I own soon.  He does not have a website because he is old school...booo, Randy!)

Anyway, the point is (sorry y'all, you know I'm a Southern girl telling a story)...I was thinking about destiny. Fate.  I am and have always been a big believer in fate.  So, of course being an artist, I am constantly finding meaning in things, events, and what not.  It is my job, after all, to create meaning and space from scratch.  But one cannot create from a vacuum.  There must be source material.  For me personally, the most intense source of inspiration is the human dynamic and energy that comes from interpersonal a nutshell, the energy of life itself.  As I was thinking about all of the above, my mother emailed me a photo of myself when I was about five years old...painting!  She said, "Meredith Ann...look how precious!  It looks so much like my pictures at this age!  But not as precious, of course!"  I love the way everything my mom says has the word precious in it.  Anyway, the point is...coincidence?  Hell no.  More like a little answer from above that said, yeah this is your destiny, Meredith Ann!  Love it, live it!!!  And I am, y' IS precious!

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