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Friday, April 2, 2010

Steven Seinberg

I am frantically trying to stretch and prime canvases while staying away from the bees and wasps that are flying in and around my studio.  I have the doors open to limit my exposure to fumes, so they keep coming inside.  I know they want to sting me, and possibly kill me, which is making me crazy since I am terrified of bees and wasps.  In any case, I am grateful that no one is around to watch me behave a total spaz.  Today I have chased one with a broom and accidently sprayed poison on my arm.  Nice.  So much for keeping away from the fumes. Anyway, enough about that.

I want to share the work of one of my favorite contemporary abstract painters, Steven Seinberg.  He is having an exhibition in New Orleans at Soren Christensen Gallery, and I truly hope to make it down to see the show in person.  You can see the whole show online by clicking the link above, but here are images of a few pieces from his show.

Center of Rest II
oil and graphite on canvas  36 x 50

WOW.  I know this is breathtaking in person.  Love the hint at a horizon line that completely falls apart as your eye arrives at the thin gauzey shapes that are sliding down the surface.  Sublime.  And divine.

oil and graphite on canvas  30 x 30

This is another one of my favorites from this exhibition.  I love the way these primal marks are shrouded in a hazy gray.  It reminds me of how it feels to keep quiet when you really want to scream.  Or worse.

oil and graphite on canvas  80 x 64

Beautiful. This seems almost magical.  It takes me to a place that is almost innocent or pure, like the instant you awaken from sleep, the moment before you are completely conscious.  Before life hits you like a ton of bricks in the form of awareness.

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