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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hey, Chi-town! We're here.

What a spectacular weekend in Chicago!!!  The food, the wine, the art, and a whole lot of laughs with my dearest friends.  And of course it was wonderful to finally meet the great staff at Chicago Art Source and to experience the beautiful space in person.  Here are some shots from the opening and some from other moments.


Front Gallery

Front Gallery

Center Gallery
Featuring the fabulous Sara Schneckloth!

Center Gallery

Allyson, Meredith, & Emily

Emily in her sweet suite.  Emily had the best room.  Why?  Because she is an attorney with an awesome secretary named Alice who books her reservations while she is floating around in the Caribbean.  Yes, that is a true story.  Although we were pea green with envy, we love Emily to pieces, and had the most wonderful time celebrating her birthday with the a most delish champagne...Cheers!

This is Allyson.  This is quintessential Allyson.  Which is why I love this photo so much.  It is rare that you will find her hand not in this position.  Both hands, actually, hah!

Emily and Kayla.  No, that is not a bong on top of the wine bottle.  It is a decanter that Bruno, the owner of this fab restaurant, Tocco, designed and produced.  

You must go there and order the tortelli stuffed with spinach and ricotta, covered in black truffles and oil and a parmesean sauce that will make you cry.  And the caprese salad, where the mozzarella was flown in from Italy that morning is to die for.  I am telling you, just go there.

Kayla, Emily, Allyson, & Meredith
I sure will miss these girls when I move to Austin in the coming weeks.  But something tells me this is not our last hoorah, but the first of many exciting adventures.  I love you girls, and thank you for making this weekend such a special one...xoxo to each one of you.

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