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Sunday, March 21, 2010

No sun on Sunday.

Good Morning, World.  Although I have never liked Sundays, I do love wearing my pajamas for as long as possible and slowly draining the coffee pot, which cannot be done on any other day of the week.  It is a welcome change of pace from slamming down a double espresso for breakfast and running out the door in a fury.

It is also great to be back in the studio after a little time away.  Nothing like a change of scenery to freshen things up a bit.  I especially enjoy coming home to finish up existing projects.  So here are a couple of things I finished this week.  The top two are commissioned pieces for a bank in Louisiana.

And this is the one for the reception area.  I wanted this one to be soothing and calm, hence the fluid forms because, frankly, that is what I would want if I were waiting to find out if a bank was going to loan me millions of dollars or not.  Heh.

Water's Edge II:  48" x 60" oil, ink, graphite, and collage on canvas

This one is for the conference room.  Here the forms are stronger, bolder, and more grounded.  Big decisions are made here, so, none of that wishy-washy business here.

My Deep Earth III: 44" x 104" oil, ink, graphite, and collage on canvas

And a few weeks ago I made this commissioned painting for a sweet couple with a beautiful home in Louisiana.

My Deep Earth III: 44" x 104" oil, ink, graphite, and collage on canvas

Side note:  it is SNOWING right now.  It's hardly a blizzard, but there are snow flurries.  Two days ago it was in the high 70's, and I was wearing a bikini by the pool sipping an orange spritzer.  Now I am wearing a fleece robe with sheepskin slippers. You really do not know what you are going to get in Louisiana.  And if you think you do, then you are wrong.  Go away, snow flurries!  I have no love for you.

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