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Friday, February 12, 2010

We don't work when there's snow, y'all.

It snowed about four inches in Louisiana last night and this morning.  This may not sound newsworthy to some people, but around here we just don't get snow very often...and definitely not snow that stays on the ground.  In fact, the last time it really snowed here I think I was a freshman in college.  So today I did not make paintings.  Today, we made snowballs and snow angels.  And a very cool snowman.  He survived about three hours.

Here are Jackson and Julian with our frozen friend.

We couldn't resist a photo op with the snow dude.

Julian making a snow angel.

Jackson got me.

Again.  A ruthless kid.

Ok, so the snow was fun.  But it's over now, and that's okay because we all need to go back to work.  Besides, we're ready for summer!

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